Everything has to be anonymous here, for obvious reasons. I don’t get the luxury of standing up for my rights publicly because I do not wish to compromise the availability of my medicine. My life is a good one right now–just me, my friend, and some animals, no kids, health insurance, money that covers the basics and leaves room for a few sundries.

I live in a very tiny community in the countryside, where I spend my time writing or knitting. I have bipolar disorder, and it is severe. I take Trileptal 300mg four times a day and I am supposed to be on Lamictal, but I’d rather eat dirt. I have always told myself I would never be on more than one pill at one time unless I were vomiting, and I have managed it so far.

As a part of my medical regimen, I smoke marijuana. I have smoked for six years to my benefit. My friend and roommate, a non-smoker and a very patient person, has stood behind and supported my cannabis use since I began smoking. I treat my cannabis use as a medicine and as a soul enhancer.

I have a job. I function in society and believe it or not, I can socialize better under the influence than I can without. I care about how I dress, I have a relationship with a nice guy who occasionally visits, I drive quite well, I can go to Taco Bell and order without giggling like a moron. And for all that, I smoke consistently, from shortly after waking to shortly before sleeping.

I want to talk about my use responsibly so that you, Reader, will come away with a greater understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis. I want the laws to change so that I, as a patient, can access this simple medicine to help me function. I don’t want to be a criminal whenever I purchase it; I want to be a citizen and a patient.

For more information on Bipolar Disorder, consider these links:



For more information on cannabis, please see:







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